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Acknowledging White Privilege and What To Do Next.

So I’ve been quiet on here lately. We all know why, I’m sure. It’s been a time to reflect and learn.

What happened to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery is tragic. What has been happening for years is tragic. Now it seems that these names have resulted in so many people waking up to the brutality, racism and ultimately the inhumanity of the police. I hope. I hope it’s not another hashtag, I hope this momentum keeps going. I hope that more non-black people continue learning and waking up to the systemic racism that is in our society, yes our British society. These things happened in America but as you’ve read on many placards, the UK is not innocent.
I’ve seen the news, read articles and seen lots of social media posts throughout my lifetime. I’ve been horrified, I’ve been outraged. But I do remember the first time I was truly distraught about the horror that was happening, particularly in America. That was with the heart breaking story of Sandra Bland. I became a little obs…

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